About Us

The San Diego Professional Tour Guide Association was founded in 1999 in order to bring ethics and consistency of information being shared on behalf of San Diego Tour Guides. The consistency of information is to ensure visitors of San Diego are receiving accurate and consistent historical facts and stories. The San Diego Professional Tour Guide Association also allows for guides to network for perpetual history and cultural learning. In addition to tour guide services, our members must also pass training for hospitality services, which include but are not limited to airport arrivals and departures, dine-a-rounds, convention and on-site services and group movements.

We created a code of ethics, a mission statement and a tour guide certification program that would ensure visitors to San Diego are getting the most accurate information.  Certified tour guides can complement the history of San Diego by offering tours to meet the varying interests of visitors to our city that include, but are not limited to:  biking, walking and hiking tours, food, beer and wine tours along with architecture and photography.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Tour Guide in San Diego please click here  to learn more about joining our association.  The Association provides a rich environment in which to learn or expand your knowledge of San Diego and the tourism industry.  Our passion for continual learning only provides the best experience for guests to San Diego.



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